Dick Sutphen is described as “America’s foremost psychic researcher” by Simon & Schuster Pocket Books, and “American’s leading past-life therapist” by the Mind Body Spirit Festivals in London, England and Sydney, Australia. In addition to writing the million-copy bestseller, You Were Born Again To Be Together, he has authored 24 additional books—seven of these for Pocket Books. Dick introduced Sedona’s Psychic-Energy Vortexes to the world in this book, Past Lives, Future Loves (Simon & Schuster Pocket Books—Aug. 1978) unwittingly creating a major Sedona tourist attraction. He started offering his metaphysical seminars in the late sixties around Phoenix, Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona. His latest book, Wisdom Erases Karma is available at Amazon.com. Many of Dick’s books, including his latest, are available as eBooks at a variety of stores throughout the world.

Dick created his company, Valley of the Sun Publishing in 1971 in Scottsdale, Arizona and was the first person to put hypnosis programming on tape for sale. Between 1976 and 2011, Dick created over 900 hypnosis programs, 500 of which are still available on CDs, DVDs, USB Flash Drives and MP3 downloads. Dick has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including Phil Donahue, Good Morning America, and Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show where he conducted the first televised past-life regression. The David Susskind show built a 90-minute program around his work. Since 1969, over 250,000 people have attended one of Dick’s annual Sutphen Seminars, retreats or workshops, which were conducted in major cities throughout the USA.

Dick Sutphen’s Past-Life Hypnotist Training attracted many counselors and medical professionals who attend to learn his unique past-life therapy techniques. In the past 50 years, Dick was the keynote speaker at the Mind Body Spirit Festivals and appeared regularly at the Healing Arts Festival in London, England and Sydney, Australia, and dozens of New Age Expos in the USA. He was often a featured speaker and trainer at professional hypnosis conferences such as the Hypnotherapy Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the American Board of Hypnotherapy in Nevada, The International Federation of Hypnosis in San Pedro, California, and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association of Pennsylvania.

Dick has brought his wisdom to hundreds of thousands of people who have stayed faithful followers of his works. From the late 1970s through 2000, he published several types of magazines to sell his recordings and to write about topics he was researching at the time, from past-life regression, Zen and his Master of Life teachings, to using programming to heal your mind, body and spirit. Dick is a Pioneer in the Hypnosis field and has been honored with many awards throughout his career. He is a life-time honor member of the International Hypnosis Federation. His latest award is a Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Award presented to him by the Hypnotherapy Academy in May, 2019.

Dick passed away peacefully in his home on September 1 with his wife Roberta at his side.


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