The most effective techniques known. You can condition yourself to leave your body!


Hypnosis is the ultimate technique to expand and alter concsiousness, so it is the ideal methodology to explore the astral realms. Different people respond to different techniques and experience the results in different ways, thus the workshop is made up of an introduction track followed by a standard lift-out experiment and two life-out techniqe tracks.


Track 1. INTRODUCTION AND PREPARATION. Necessary understanding before you begin your astral projection work, Dick conducts an exercise to ensure successful results, He then goes into the various blocks pople may expereince when attempting to project and offers some unique techniques to rise above them.


Track 2. STANDARD LIFT-OUT. A highly refined version of the hypnosis technique that has proven to be the most successful for the largest number of people. It is this exercise that has convinced many people that they have actually projected, for Dick had participants in various seminars project outside the seminar room to the parking lot and nake notes. When they awakened, he sends them out to check their accuracy. This worked almost 100% of the time - and those that didn’t percieve did not trust the impressions they were getting.


Track 3. SOUND ACCOMPANIED LIFT-OUT. Dick directs you to relax and allow the electronic sound to deepen your trance. You are instructed to project to any place in the world. At the end of the program, you are called back and awakened with the suggestion to feel relaxed and calm … and to remember everything that transpired.


Track 4. VIBRATIONAL LIFT-OUT. Deep hypnosis si induced and you are directed to bring up your vibrations and lift out.

Astral Projection Workshop

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