Track 1. Future Progressions. Track 2. Parallel Lives. Track 3. Chakra Link. Track 4. Frequency Switch.


The Explorations Beyond Past Lives sessions are ideally used by hypnosis-conditioned individuals. If you have used any of Dick Sutphen’s programs, been with him in one of his seminars, or you have used hypnosis before, this wrokshop is suited just for you. If you are new to Dick Sutphen’s hypnosis, we suggest you go to Hay House website and listen to Dick’s Past-Life Therapy or other hypnosis programs available there.



Find a quet place where you won’t be disturbed, sit or lie down and begin to breath deeply, relaxing your body and mind. Do the deep breathing expercises for at least one minute before listening to the program. Dick will begin the session with the words, “alright, now that you’ve completed your deep breathing …”


If you need further conditioning to receive impressions, using any of Dick Sutphen’s programs that include a counnt-down to hypnosis, stop the program after the first or second count-down form 7-to-1. By this time, you will be in an altered-state of consciousness sd begin to imagine or to fantasize yourself in different situations. Create vivid mental pictures of yourself in a pleasant past situation, in an imaginary situation, in a future potential situation, it is up to you. Tell yourself, “I have the power and ability to be an extremely effective receiver in an altered state of consciousness. I see vivid images and impressions.” After ten meinutes of this exercise in your mind, say quietly to yourself, “I’m now going to wake up. On the count of five I will be wide awake and fully alert … Number 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5.  Wide awake, wide awake.


If this is your first time exploring with hypnosis, do this above exercise 14 times before you actually use the first exploration program in it’s entirety. By that time you will easily be conditioned to receive impressions.


When you begin to receive impression, there are several ways they may come in:

  • You may see yourself quite clearly as if watching a movie in your own mind.
  • You may see yourself just as you do when you use your imagination or use fantasy to create a situation in your mind.
  • You may see cloudy impressions or very quick impressions that seem to disappear as soon as you can mentally grasp them.
  • You may only seem to “know” the situation without seeing a thing.
  • You may not see anything but feel or hear someone is telling you something.


If the impressions do not begin to come in immediately, use your won imagination to get them started and they will begin to take off on their own. You must trust yourself … to trust your own mind.


Do not concern yourself about how deep a hypnotic trance you achieve. Dick Sutphen prefers his hypnosis subjects to be in the very lightest trance level for regression. He knows that if the sugject trusts tthem, (and his 50-years of experience) the light trance is all that is necessary to provide valid prior life information.


Dick once regressed a well-known author. After the sessions she flet she had simply been lying down with her eyes closed, making up great past life stories. Yet, when she attempted to verify the facts she’s related, they all checked out. Later, several different top psychics told her about the same past life.


Another author took part in one of the Stanford University “Mind Research” tests in the written about by Uri Geller. The research was originally designed to test the abilities of psychics. The psychic would remain in a room while a driver would to to a random destination, selected by chance. The psychic was suppose to monitor the driver—seeing in his or her mind where the driver was and verbally communicating the information to the scientist in the room with the psychic. The results: every psychic was able to successfully describe the location the driver was sent to. The next step was to work with nonpsychic people as a control group. The results: every non psychic person was able to successfully describe the location. Upon hearing about the tests, my friend, who claims not to be psychic at all, volunteered. The scientists explained how the test was conducted and that he should simply sit there and describe what the driver was experiencing. “But I’ll just be making it up.” he responded. “That’s right, “ they told him. “You’ll be making it up, but you’ll be making up real things.” Needless to say, he was very successful in completing the tests, much to his own astonishment.


The reason for relating this story is to help you trust your own mind. The programs will work if you can trust yourself … they have worked for thousands of people in thousand of Dick Sutphen’s seminars and those who use his hypnosis programs.


Trust the very first thing that popls into hyour mind. This is what psychics do. There is no little red light that goes on in a psychic’s mind when he or she is receiving a psychic impression. They simply learns to trust that initial impression and lets it unfold naturally. If they begin to analyze, intellectualize or question, they will usually lose the impression. The same is true of past life or any hypnotically induced impressions. So, try not to question the process while you are in hypnosis. You’ll have plenty of time for that later (and do research, if you can). do not question whether you are really seeing these things or making them up. Do keep your full attention on the sound of Dick’s voice and the impressons as they come in. Have fun and explore. 



An intense psychic connection can be established between two people by conducting a chakra link visualization on Track 3 of this workshop. The chakras are the seven centers of the etheric body. Lie down side by side, hold hands and do your deep breathing. Then, decide which of you is A and which is B.


Both people participate in the visualization. With practice many couples are capable of perceiving indentical impressions, emotions or regression experiences in an altered-state of concsiousness.


If you don’t agree with the colors Dick uses, just replace them in your mind with whatever color feels right to you. The colors he uses were based on the old Spiritualists, such as Leadbetter and Madam Blavatsky.

Explorations Beyond Past Lives Workshop

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