Example of Suggestions: Radiant good health is now your reality. * Your ever-strengthening immune system keeps you healthy. * You now have the power and ability to accelerate your healing. * Your mind is all powerful and you use it to heal yourself. * You consciously and subconsciously choose perfect health. * You are healing, you are healed. * You now focus the unlimited power of your mind on healing your body.

What you hear is 60 minutes of relaxing, digitally mastered stereo music. Each title uses different music and different suggestions. Listen while you are driving, working, or doing other things. What you don’t hear are the suggestions, which are embedded into the music. Only your subconscious mind will hear the suggestions.

What happens?  Because the suggestions are not challenged by your conscious mind, they tend to be accepted by your subconscious mind, although they can’t make you do something you don’t want to do. To be effective, you must be favorable disposed to the programming goal. With repeated listening, the suggestions become new beliefs. Your subconscious mind will then generate the circumstances necessary to match your day-to-day life to your new beliefs. To generate further mental acceptance, you may also use this programming as sleep programming. Simply listen as you fall asleep.

Health and Healing CD


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