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Wisdom Erases Karma
"Karma does not have to be paid through pain, as in “an eye for an eye.” It seeks only readjustment and to restore your disturbed equilibrium. There is but one goal: TO LEARN. If you can learn through love, (wisdom), you erase past negative karma and generate new, positive karma." Dick Sutphen



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I am pleased to pass on my teaching legacy to Tim and Angela Simmerman-Sierra and their Hypnotherapy Academy of America, Inc., as the only official school to teach my lifetime of material and methods.

Tim and Angela share my beliefs in the mind’s extraordinary abilities for transformation and liberation, which can be easily accessed through the natural state of hypnosis. It is my desire that they continue spreading the wisdom and light of my teachings upon the world as my only successors in the sharing of my life’s defining work.   

Peace and Light, 

Dick Sutphen

July 12, 2020

Tim and Angela Simmerman-Sierra, Albuquerque, New Mexico



Dick Sutphen and Friends


Channeling is allowing an entity to communicate through you via automatic writing, verbally, or simply with inspiration. "Do you believe in it or use it in your life?" asks Dick Sutphen of experts: Jess Stern, Charles T. Cayce, Brand and Frances Steiger, Steven Halperin, Alan Vaughan, Edith Fiore and Freda Morris.

Entity Attachment

A discussion with Edith Fiore, PhD of this form of possessions and many case histories, which illustrate just how common it is. If you're tired, depressed or angry, a discarnate could be with you. Edith describes the factors that attract attachment and a technique to exorcise the entitles.

Law of Grace and The End of Times

Does the Law of Grace supercede the Law of Karma? If you give grace and mercy can you alter destiny and mitigate karma? Also - "What do you feel about the end times so many have predicted - a pole shift, Armageddon, the end of the world as we know it? Dick Sutphen asks the experts: Jess Stern, Charles T. Cayce, Brand and Frances Steiger, Steven Halperin, Alan Vaughan, Edith Fiore and Freda Morris.

Past Lives - Present Problems

An incredibly informing hour of Dr. Edith Fiore explaining how regression therapy can be beneficial in resolving problems you probably can't consciously relate to previous incarnations. The life-chaning case histories are exciting and awareness-expanding.

Walk-Ins and California Falling Into the Sea

Dick Sutphen asks the experts if they accept the concept of Walk-Ins as explained by Ruth Montgomery in tow of her books. Next, Sutphen asks their opinions of the predictions that California will fall into the sea. This conversation is filled out with explorations of the value of investigating past lives. The experts: Jess Stern, Charles T. Cayce, Brand and Frances Steiger, Steven Halperin, Alan Vaugh, Edith Fiore and Freda Morris. Note: the 1st minute is fuzzy but it clears up after that. This is the only 30-minute conversation.

Words of Wisdom

These conversations are the equivalent of reading a whole book on the subject. By condensing and capsulizing the most important ideas, the listener quickly attains all the important knowledge without the fluff and fillers of most books. Each conversation is by the top leader or group of experts in the field of psychology, self-help, or metaphysics. Each conversation contains words of wisdom that can change your life if you are willing to act upon the advice.


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